Automatic can depalletizer from Canadian Craft Solutions

Speed up your canning line with a can depalletizer for faster, consistent and automatic unloading of cans from delivery pallet directly onto your canning line.

  • Full automated unloading of full-size beer can pallets
  • Single button operation via easy-to-use HMI screen
  • Small footprint, stainless steel construction
  • Optional add-on modules including twist rinse system

Available in Half Height, Standard Height and Extra Tall, the CCS automatic depalletizer will literally save you hours of manual labour at your small to large size micro-breweries or craft brewery. With just a touch of a button, your shiny new beer cans can be unloaded automatically from pallets to your canning line, ready for filling and seaming.

No manual can feeding, positioning or laying out of cans is required. Just switch on and watch the infeed on your canning line fill with perfectly aligned cans. With an automated can depalletizer, one person can operate both depalletizer and can filling line at the same time, reducing labour costs and man hours.

Produce more cans of beer, more easily and more quickly with our Canadian made robust stainless steel automatic can depalletizer. Check out more benefits of our Canadian-designed and manufactured machine at our online store – just click the button below:

Why choose the CCS automatic can depalletizer for your brewery

Automate your canning line from start to finish with automatic can depalletization. Our robust and reliable stainless steel depalleting machine can be fully integrated with your existing canning line or run as a stand-alone solution.

Just unwrap, position the pallet, and press start!
Once one layer is successfully unloaded, our smart system moves on to the next layer automatically.
Control all aspects of your depalletization including speed using the simple to use HMI touch screen
Any depalletizing machine is only as good as its’ motors. Ours are state of the art, modern, reliable and super smooth. So you can just set and forget.
Need to fill different sizes of cans delivered on different heights of pallets? No problem – simply adjust the sensor to the correct height. Job done!

Canning Line Twist Rinse

As efficient as it is elegant, this twist rinser unit sanitizes with ionised air to save wasted water. The clever helical design ensures jam-free smooth running even at speed.

Can Wash and Dry

Can Wash and Dry

A straightforward, no-nonsense automatic in-line rinse and dry machines that attaches behind the can seamer. Does the job, and does it well!

Got questions about depalletization for your brewery or beverage company?

Contact us – we design, fabricate and assemble all our own CSS machines right here in Canada, so we know them inside out!