EzPack Applicator from Canadian Craft Solutions

A simple to use, table-top solution to securing your beverage cans into easy to carry six or four pack holders.

  • Elegant and simple design
  • Small footprint and easy to store

This is the smallest stand-alone item of canning equipment we offer, but it’s a beauty! With a robust yet elegant design, this hand-operated applicator six or four pack carrier bundles your cans together in a single, swift movement, ready for packing and sale.

Ordered to accommodate your can size and height, this professional level four or six pack applicator will provide years of trouble-free usage by you and your team.

What’s more, our can pack ring applicator works with E6PR biodegradable six or four pack rings, as well as other eco-friendly pack rings that doesn’t cost the earth.

Check out more benefits of our stainless steel beverage Can Six Pack Applicator below, or if you’re sold already, just click to buy!

Got questions about how to apply a six pack plastic carrier to your beverage cans?

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