Can Twist Rinse from Canadian Craft Solutions

Sanitize up to 150 cans per minute.

  • Elegant, energy efficient design with single button operation
  • Compatible with our CSS depalletizer and canning line modules.

Everybody do the twist! With single push button operation, our twist rinse module can supply your canning line with fresh, clean cans at precisely the rate required.

Even if we say so ourselves, it’s a very lovely solution. A rollercoaster style track system takes upright cans, sanitizes them, then inverts them. Our stainless-steel twist rinser open-style construction allows you see every inch of the process too.

Attach your twist rinse to your depalletizer for automated unloading, sanitizing and canning line priming. This CCS twist rinse is sized to take any standard size of beverage can including squat and sleek, from 163ml mini to 568ml capacity cans order your size separately.

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Why do I need to rinse my new cans?

Stock beer cans usually arrive at your brewery on pallets. They may therefore contain loose particles accumulated en route such as dust, metal fines, or bits of plastic wrapping. A twist rinse uses ionised air to remove all unwanted contents, leaving your cans clean.

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