Can Wash and Dry from Canadian Craft Solutions

Clean filled beer cans on the canning line prior to labelling

  • Automatic in-line rinse and dry
  • Simple module that attaches behind the can seamer
  • Integrates with downstream label application

Keep your beer cans clean and ready for labelling, free from filling dribbles, splashes and sticky bits!

Our Can Wash and Dry module automates the water rinsing and gently drying of filled beverage cans whilst still positioned on your filling line. Simply pop the module behind your can seamer, and before your labelling machine.

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Can Wash and Dry

Why do I need to wash my filled cans?

Even with our ultra-efficient canning line, spillages can occur, making your cans potentially sticky on the outside. A can wash and dry system simply washes away any product residue, and then gently dries the can. This process leaves it clean and smooth for automatic label application (coming soon).

Not sure if you need a can wash and dry for your brewery or beverage filling line?

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