Automated Equipment for Brewers and Beverage Makers

Need a specialist machine for your brewery or beverage plant? The clue’s in our name! Canadian Craft Solutions can help with innovative ways to increase your production with automated machinery that is robust, reliable and super-easy to operate. Read on for details or give us a call.

Beer Master Brewer

For Brewers

How CCS is helping breweries upscale their production with automatic canning and packaging machinery.

For Distillers

It’s not just about the hops. Discover how CCS have helped distillers and niche alcoholic drink makers increase production through efficient bottle, label and packing.

For Non-Alcoholic Beverages

We’ve created canning and bottling solutions for all kinds of beverage, from iced coffee to small batch designer sodas (??). And we can do the same for your business too.

Meet the Team

Meet our founders, craft brewer David Andrews and metal fabrication engineer Dan Christian.

Our manufacturing facility

Take a peek at our Ontario metal fabrication manufacturing facility and discover how and why we can design and manufacture exceptional equipment for breweries right here in Canada.

Custom-made solutions

We love it when customers bring their specific brewing and beverage machines challenges to us. That’s how we started, and creating innovative and cost-effective solutions is still very much what we do.

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