Canning Line Fill Station and Lid Seamer from Canadian Craft Solutions

High speed canning line with automatic filling and lid seaming all in one easy to operate unit measuring just 66” x 30”.

  • Fill and seam up to 44 cans per minute
  • Automatic CO2 purge and fill on one line
  • Simple touch screen HMI interface

Turbo charge your craft beverage production with an all-in-one automatic filling and seaming machine that does the hard work for you. Our Canning Line Fill Station and Lid Seamer is perfect for any brewer or beverage company wanting to upscale production without taking on extra staff or taking up extra space. Empty cans go in, precision-filled and seamed cans come out!

With a compact footprint, our Canadian-made filling line is robust, reliable and highly durable. Designed by brewers for brewers, and built in our own facility by a specialist metal fabrication team, this canning line offers exceptional quality at a highly cost-effective price.

  • The automatic cam driven seamer features titanium dies for an extremely long life with less maintenance and less parts to replace.
  • The CCS can line features ceramic bearings for low maintenance and easy washdown, again saving time and money.
  • We fit superior state of the art servo motors throughout for efficiency, accuracy and longevity.

In case you’re worried that all that high spec means high tech, relax. Our canning line solutions is easy to control via the simple touch screen HMI interface. This HMI controls your fills using timing-based filling or optional volumetric flowmeters that monitor and indicate volume during every fill.

Different sized cans? No problem! Our canning line filler and seamer features quick-change options for rapid can size and lid flexibility

Check out more benefits of our Canning Line Fill Station and Lid Seamer below, or if you’re sold already, just click to buy!

Why choose the CCS Canning Line Fill Station and Lid Seamer for your signature beverage or beer?

In short, quality of build. This canning line is built to work without hassle or issues to years to come, saving you time, money and labour costs from day 1 of installation.

Comprised of modularly connected stations, our filling lines are designed to change and upgrade as you do. Our filling lines can support 20-60 cans per minute, with automatic lid placement and intelligent lid detection. Filling lines can be purchased as individual components or as entire lines.

All our filling lines are also made here in Canada by us, so we know them inside outside. If you need to call us, the person you speak to will have hands-on experience of building and testing all of the CCS canning line modules. So they know how each one works, integrates and therefore, how best to help you solve your issue. If you want to upgrade your filling line in the future, our expert team of engineers can help with that too.

And in another word (or three), ease of use. Every element we can automate we have. This includes:

  • Automatic CO2 purge
  • Automatic lid placement
  • Automatic lid detection on cans

We’ve also thought about the non-automated elements, such as

  • A lid chute designed for smooth trouble-free lid dispensing
  • Twin rotating lid stack storage so no down time replacing sleaves
  • Casters and levelling system included so you can move your canning line around your brewery site as required.

Got questions about Canning Line Fill Station and Lid Seamer for your brewery or beverage company?

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