Blending / Cleaning Keg from Canadian Craft Solutions

Perfect for flavour mixing or for cleaner mixing in all beverage production lines.

  • Blend flavours into your brew or beverage easily and without spillage
  • Safe and efficient way to mix cleaners for use around your brewhouse or manufacturing lines.

A high-quality stainless steel 30 litre keg modified to work perfectly as a mixer for flavours or cleaners. Easy to use and light to handle, our blender / cleaner keg eliminates the need for manual flavour blending or mixing of strong cleaning solutions by hand.

Use as a blending keg for consistent, repeatable flavour combinations without cross-contamination or inconsistent quantities.

Use as a dedicated cleaner mixing keg for safe, efficient and odour-free combining of chemicals to consistent strengths and concentrations.

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Why choose a CCS Blending / Cleaning Keg for your brewery or beverages

Big enough for blending flavours in quantity, small enough to lift without strain.

Tough, robust, easy to clean and for a consistent smart steel look across all your brewery equipment.
All blending / cleaning kegs come with a 1-1/2 TC Ferrule welded on the bottom for straightforward discharge
All CCS blending / cleaning kegs feature a 4 TC ferrule welded on top for easy processing and cleaning.

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