Canadian-made automatic machines for brewers and craft breweries from Canadian Craft Solutions

At CCS, we have a simple goal – to help your business grow through automating the dull-but-essential parts of producing smaller batch beer or beverages.

More than just an equipment supplier, Canadian Craft Solutions is your guide and partner to setting up your brewhouse packaging.

Our automatic canning and packaging machinery is designed to do the repetitive tasks around canning, bottling and packing with minimal operator input. Many of our solutions are a case of choose a process on a touch screen, press the start button – and walk away and do something else!

Our current range of clever canning, brilliant bottling and perfect packing solutions are listed below. Just click for details.

Rest assured, we’ve got other great automatic solutions for the ambitious craft brewer at the final testing stage, ready to release over the next six months.

And if you don’t see the solution you need, check out our custom-made solutions page . Or call us on 519-703-6058 during office hours – we are always delighted to chat about your craft beer challenges.

Got questions about automating your brewery or beverage company?

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