Automated machinery for distillers from Canadian Craft Solutions

You may know us for our craft beer solutions, but from Sake to Sambuca, our equipment and skills are transferable across multiple different beverage industries.

Our automatic packaging solutions for producers and distillers of wines, spirits and liqueurs will automatic those repetitive tasks around bottling, labelling and packing your premium product. We make them as easy to use as possible too – often it’s a case of selecting what you want to do on the built-in touch screen and pressing the start button!

Check out our current range of cost-effective, efficient, and hassle-free bottling and packing solutions are listed below. They may have “beer” in their name, but because we design and fabricate them right here in our own manufacturing plant, they can be adapted and customized to your specific requirements from cans to bottles, for example.

Just to say that we have more innovative automated solutions in our design pipeline, and some are at testing stage right now. Keep an eye on our e-store for new equipment releases coming soon.

If you don’t see the particular solution you need, head over to our custom-made solutions page (link) and send us a message. Or call us during office hours – we are always delighted to discuss the missing automation your distillery needs to grow and expand.

Got questions about automating your wine, spirit or liqueur production?

Contact us – we are here Monday to Friday during office hours, EST.