Automated machinery for beverage packaging from Canadian Craft Solutions

You may know us for our craft beer solutions, but our equipment is designed to be compatible with other beverage production lines and be used across multiple different beverage industries.

We make all our own equipment, so it’s simple for us to adapt any of our  automatic packaging solutions for producers of non-alcoholic beverages, from sodas to coffees. Our super-swift canning line will automate those repetitive tasks around filling, labelling and packing your non-alcoholic drinks, leaving you free to do more interesting stuff like developing your next flavour!

Ease of use

All CCS machinery is designed to be as easy to use as possible, with only a simple selection on a touch screen and pushing the start button required by a single operator. Just because you want to can (or bottle) more product, it doesn’t mean you need more staff. Our beverage automation equipment allows you to grow your business efficiently and cost-effectively with our robust, high-quality machinery, all designed and manufactured here in Canada.

Check out our current range of beverage bottling and packing solutions listed below. Because we design them ourselves, all can be adapted and customized to your specific requirements.

More automation excitement coming soon!

We’re currently testing a whole range on new and innovative solutions to help beverage makers across Canada, the US and beyond.  Watch this space!

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