Meet the CCS Team

The team at CCS brings together decades of experience as brewers, and in equipment manufacturing. Thanks to these background in innovative craft brewing and high spec metal fabrication, CCS is ready and prepared to help with even the most challenging projects.

Our Founders

CCS was founded by David Andrew and Dan Christian.

David Andrew

David is the Brewmaster and owns River Road Brewing and Hops with his wife Nikki. River Road Brewing and Hops is Huron County’s first farm-based brewery. Dave brews small batch “grain to glass” craft beers. What makes them so special is that all the ingredients that go into making his beers are grown right on the farm, giving customers  a fresh taste like no other brewery.

When Dave and Nikki bought a former apple orchard, the vision was to grow their own hops and brew different styles of ales, whilst being as eco-friendly and environmentally conscious as possible. Today, River Road Brewing supports sustainable brewing, from the wood fired boilers, to feeding spent grain from the brewing process to their own herd of highland cattle.

Dave is passionate about his beer, and also about enabling other craft breweries to expand and increase production with affordable, well-designed brewhouse equipment from CCS.

Dan Christian

Dan is the Owner and CEO of Chrima Metal Fabrication, a leader in manufacturing precision metal fabrications with over 50 years in the industry. Founded by Dan’s father Bill, Chrima has grown from a one-man operation to a 65,000 square foot, highly advanced manufacturing space.

As CEO, Dan says Chrima’s goals are simple;

  • To make a difference in people’s lives
  • To use the business to influence positive change in the world
  • To be part of projects that fit with that vision

Chrima values partnerships and long-term relationships. Dan and his team want to understand what their customers need today, what they’re planning for the future, and how Chrima’s team can adjust the core business to support their growth.

CCS is a classic example of such a partnership. What began as a one-off project for an efficient, affordable and locally-sourced canning solution for River Road Brewery grew into a business designing and supplying brewing equipment. Dan shares Dave’s vision for locally made items, be it beer or machinery. By creating CCS, he can support the local economy, sustain a local workforce, and fabricate and distribute high quality brewing equipment across Canada, the USA and beyond.

Dan also shares Dave’s passion for sustainability too. Chrima have incorporated new technologies to reduce energy consumption, cut machine idle time and increase material recycling practices.

A short history of CCS

Back in 2017, our co-founders David Andrew needed a new canning line for his expanding range at River Road Brewing. But he couldn’t find what he was looking for, namely a scalable, affordable and reliable canning line that could grow with the business. So he and co-founder Dan Christian designed one that fit River Road’s needs, and built it right here in Ontario, Canada.

It worked really well.

Other local brewers got to hear about this new super-fast and scalable canning solution and wanted one too. They also wanted to discuss other ways to expand their breweries capacity and make their business more efficient.

And if their new filling station and canning line was made here in Canada, to the highest standards, and with real-time support from people who knew the machines inside out, so much the better.

Today, CCS offers a range of exceptionally well-designed and built key and canning solutions for the craft brewer with ambitions. There’s more new equipment in the pipeline too, all of which will be compatible with each other and (often) most popular makes of brewhouse systems and existing canning lines.

CCS also offer a bespoke design and manufacture service for the brewer with specific requirements. If brewers can dream it, chances are, CCS can make it!

Want to discuss your requirements?