Canadian Craft Solutions – Our Manufacturing Facility

CCS is a great example of engineering and brewing coming together for create innovative solutions. Co-founders David Andrew and Dan Christian first worked together on a one-off project for an efficient, affordable and locally-sourced canning solution for David’s River Road Brewery.

That project showed the potential of combining the engineering and design expertise at Dan’s metal fabrication company, Chrima, with the hands-on experience of an innovative crafts brewer like David.

As a result, all Canadian Craft Solutions equipment is designed, fabricated and tested in Chrima’s impressive 65,000sqft, highly advanced manufacturing space in Stratford, Ontario. Each brewery automation machine is manufactured to ISO9001 using high grade stainless steel and quality components such as state of the art servo motors.

It also gives CCS access to the latest manufacturing machinery and techniques, including 5 axis milling, flat laser cutting systems, CNC forming and bending capabilities, robotic welding and tube forming. This wealth of state-of-the-art machinery and the talented workforce at Chrima enable CCS to create high spec automation equipment at cost-effective prices.

Our manufacturing space is also an influential and respected employer in the Stratford area. By using a local manufacturer rather than buying in pre-made units from abroad, CCS can contribute to the local economy, by helping sustain a growing workforce with exceptional expertise.

Thanks to good transport links by road including two key cross-border access points into the USA, we at CCS can distribute our high-quality brewing equipment across Canada, the USA and beyond.

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