Brewery Keg Washer


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  • For a massive reduction in labor
  • Semi automatic, load kegs, hit start and walk away. At the end of cycle you have four clean kegs charged with CO2 ready for your product
  • Washes 4 kegs simultaneously for up to 60 kegs/hour throughput
  • Ergonomic design minimizes handling
  • VFD controlled spear washing
  • CO2 purge and charge
  • Easy to use Quick coupling system for kegs
  • All key cleaning parameters are controlled by software including timers and are user defined
  • Single button-push wash cycle start
  • Automatic caustic temperature control
  • Recyclable caustic and sanitizer
  • Keg counter tracks the number of kegs cleaned per session
  • Clean design, no exposed lines or components
  • Can be ordered in single or three phase electrical
  • ESA electrical certified
  • Warranty 1 year on parts and manufacturers defects **
Weight 100 kg

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